Dry Cleaner, wet cleaner or Laundry?

Each garment has a different treatment which is rigorously applied according to the instructions on the label. That's why you should never let go!

Press Only

Do you like the smell of your detergent and fabric softener? The dry cleaners use neutral products, so bring us your washed clothes and we iron them!

Wash & Fold

Do you have many washing clothes and do not have time to wash it, dry it and fold it? Do not worry that we do it for you in our special bags for this service, where you do not pay with coins or pound, you pay only one price per bag!

Maintenance and repair of shoes

Do you have to replace the heels of your favorite shoes? Want to polish the leather of your most precious shoes? We do that!


How many times do you buy clothes that do not fit perfectly and you want to make a sewing arrangement? We make all kinds of alterations with our professional dressmaker!

Household items

Do you want to clean the curtains of the house, clean the carpets of the living room or the room, remove the stains of food and drink from the tablecloths that you used at the last party, clean the bed linens including the comforters king size? We also do it!


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